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Fuck love

I’m sitting on the couch, just staring right in front of me
Trying to let go of all the pain, cause how hard can it be?

I can’t talk to anyone so I write every feeling down, like I always do
No one has to know what I feel or where I’m going through

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
But I don’t really know if I can wait on that much longer

I get used to the sentence ‘’ I am fine ’’
But the truth is, I still think about you all the time

They’ll never see me break, will never see me cry
I’ll be making up a mask, never let go off all the feelings I hide

Living without you, feels like a knife in my heart
And trying not to need you is only tearing me apart

I know you’ll never hold me anymore the way you did
I know we’ll never strangle hands anymore in a perfect fit

There is nothing I can do, without thinking of you
And it is killing me to know that you won’t think about me too

I can tell you that I’ve been through hell and back and I just can’t seem to stay here
To never be happy again, has become my biggest fear

Every song and every lyric reminds me of you and me
With every line and every word, it is you I see

But I’ll smile through all the days
No one has know that my roads turned into a maze

But there is one thing I learned these months,
I hate to say it and I feel so small..

But what didn’t kill me, never made me stronger at all….

Ingezonden door Amy

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