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hard to describe

hard to describe.

I never thought, this could be so hard.
Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong.
When did I became attractive to some people.
I always where the black sheep.

In the days from here and now,
My feelings has crossed my minds.
They can't arrange to each other.
Everyone says. Follow you heart girl!

My feelings describe a person,
who is perfect matched for me.
good lookings, sweet, lovely, in short:
all what a girl needs.

My minds let me think of the consequence.
People staring, friends who find u odd.
Family who don't approve your choices.
in one word: You will stand alone.


If i compare this to things.
my heart will say:
Your friends have to support your choices.
Your family too.
Why bothering about the people who are staring.
Oh yeah.. The young boy who stands next to me.
The not fullgrown thoughts.

Why not trying, and see who it goes.
Why the feeling that it isn't good for me.
Why so afraid of others.

Iam the kind of girl that :
- can't compare the 2 things.
- afraid of the outsiders
- afraid to make the wrong choices.

Iam confused.

Ingezonden door Cynthia Bos

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