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High up in the sky

Dear Angel High up in the sky,
I beg you with every tear and cry.
I want him to be mine whatever it cost,
Cause without him I feel so lost.

Love can destroy your life,
it feels like they stab in your heart with a knife.
But he's the only thing I really wish for,
I don't ask for anything more.

Reading all those things kill me inside,
But that's just what I want to hide.
I try to laugh my sadness away,
But inside I pray we can get together someday.

I would promise you to hold your hand through the days,
Through all the easy and hard ways.
Everything I say to you is true,
I would even spend the night with you.

We could spend our days with sunset on the beach,
Watching all the stars that we want to reach.
But then I stop daydreaming and I see,
That you're not sitting next to me.

So Dear Angel high up in the sky,
Can you please give us a try.
Cause You and me would go so fine,
That's the reason I want you to be mine.

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