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I don't know

I don’t know
whether it’s you
or it really is on me

I don’t know
if this was just a missing screw
or there was just nowhere else to be

I don’t know
am I ever really gonna open up
or did you really make me have to break up

I don’t know
if only you knew
what I had been already through

I don’t know
if I should not trust and expect
or is this just a total other aspect

I don’t know
if this is meant to make me stronger
but now I feel like I need to cry a bit longer

I don’t know
if this, what I face and see
is gonna be the only part left of me

I don’t know
why love is such a bare thing
and why there are only a few who know how to keep the ring

I don’t know
why having a bit of sympathy
is such an unhealthy thing for people to be

I don’t know
if I will ever see this right
but at the time I think I am traumatized

Ingezonden door Merel H

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