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its you with sadness in your hart not me

everyday over again,
i'm sick off it now,
they don't really understand,
what i bin true its not a show.

i just wanne scream my sadness off,
buth that doesent help,
its now over i had enough,
off you when you yelled.

i cry without any tear on my cheek,
i'm think i getting stronger,
buth my knees feel so weak,
i can't take this any longer.

i wish it gets over,
buth this my live i understand,
every time its getting lower,
without a helping hand.

just think off myself is it wrong,
is it wrong that a care,
is it so wrong that i wanne be strong,
i wanne prepare.

i realize that i don't care about what other peaple say,
its my life, its my choice,.
i don't care about them any way.
they just jalous off me i have my own voice.

so hurt me when you think its fine,
it doe sent hurt anymore as much as it did before,
i'm just myself and my you'd is mine.
your the insecure one who wont except themselves true the time more.

Ingezonden door Naomi Kluijtmans

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