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Where are you?

Like it never actual happened.
As if it was a daydream inside my head,
especially now when every memory is starting to fade.
I can't remember the sound of your voice like I used to,
I can't imagine the lines of your lips anymore ,
Can't remember the way you touched me,
Can't recall the blush on your face when I told you how much I loved you
Can't remember your smell or laugh
I'm forbidden to remember, but terrified to forget
It was real to me, more real than anything I've ever meant
And if I can't remember the person who intended to be my safe heaven anymore,
it will feel like I'm homeless
It feels like I'm a moon, a lost moon
My planet has been destroyed and I keep continuing to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind
Ignoring the laws of gravity
Wishing that my planet will return some day,
nothing more
Just having a place to rest my heart
And keeping it safe by yours.

Ingezonden door Marjolein

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