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Why can I not..

Why can I not get you out of my head!
What have you don whit me in the time that we saw each other oolmost every week!
I wanne know why I can not forget you.
Is it that I just stil have a little crus on you of is it that I never gonne get you.
On the way that I would owns?
I wonder why!

People that know how I thinking about you!
And know what you told me last couple times that whe talk whit eacthor.
They say It is that he is bizzy whit school en sport!
If he whas not bizzy you can have him als your boyfriend!

Why after ol the time I just wanne forget you on the way that I have feel for you a long time for you.
Why I can not thinking of you just like a friend!
Why I still have this weak for you.
Please boy give me a thing a sine that I can see you only as a good friend!

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